In today’s ever-changing marketplace, it’s not enough to be noticed. One has to be remembered. We aren’t happy until our passion for design turns into commercial success for our clients. And plus we like to be happy too.

Our team is made up of designers, strategists, developers & storytellers. We are experts in our field and our methodology ensures client success with our tailored approach to turning complex concepts into simple execution. Our scope goes beyond what’s visual. We pride ourselves on years of experience in brand creation and business strategy. We understand what’s best for our clients, their projects and their goals.


Split Rock Creative - Helsinki Studio

What We Do

A well managed and positioned brand represents a powerful asset for the company's total value. It's a sales tool and a client loyalty promoter. Since our creation we decided to break the traditional creative agency scheme, integrating multidisciplinary teams of creative experts.



Creative Direction

Brand Identity



Tone of Voice

Visual Language

Brand Guidelines

Logos & Trademarks


Branding slogan



Decorative Illustration

Icon design

Pattern design


Print Collateral Systems

Packaging Systems

Labeling Systems

Signage Systems

Book Design

Editorial Design


Sales Peripherals

Books & magazine Design

Typography Design

Poster Design



Web Design

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Motion Graphics


UI/UX Design

E-commerce Design

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Set & Retail





Retail Architecture

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Industrial Design

Consumer & Design Focused

Today, people embrace brands with the customer experiences that best meet their needs. Split Rock Creative transforms companies by designing one of a kind brand experiences, driven by strong design, creative and rooted in the technology, data, and organizational strategy required for operational success.


The Tangible and Intangible

Creativity is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we define ourselves as a creative studio. As a team of 16, we are made up of business strategists, interior architects, filmmakers, digital designers & software developers. Our services stretch from Strategy to Architecture, Branding and more.

Our multidisciplinary team allows us to deliver your brand experience seamlessly across all platforms. We play an active role in partnering with our clients to create coherent design solutions that truly connect with their audiences and encourage rapid growth.

Global Reach

Founded & based in New York we now operate as one unit in two unique locations: New York & Helsinki. Our locations allow us to offer timely service to those in North America, Europe and beyond. Our clients are from diverse industries, speak different languages and are located all around the World.

We work with international brands that want to grow exponentially and reach global audiences. Through data and research we can thoroughly understand the companies task at hand. Our design first approach allows us to assist them in perfectly crafting their creative concept that will accurately speak to their audience and deliver results.


Our Process

Meet & Define the Scope

This is the phase when we get to know our clients. Our brief helps us assemble a variety of information such as past stories, emotions, personal experiences, and punctual and quantitative information.

We are interested in knowing the people behind the project, brand or idea. We find that signing off on an approved scope of deliverables, deadlines, budgets, and expectations before starting the creative work gives us a better understanding of the project and the clients’ expectations.

Research & Concept Development

Our clients know their project needs better than anyone, but it is our responsibility to take it further based on our professional experience. Exploring market, consumer, brand and strategic context to generate insights and identify objectives for the project.

We believe that the more information we gather, the easier it is to reach an attractive and unique solution, especially when taking into consideration information like hard data, the client’s vision, geographical and contextual research, brainstorming, and so on.

Creative Process

This is where we translate the concept and the strategy into images, objects or spaces, our favorite part. 
Our creative process starts out with a broad scope; we try various ideas, explore possibilities, prototype, and iterate.

We debate, make decisions and even kill darlings to end up with one creative solutions that we present. After the client has finalized a direction, we fine-tune and optimize the preferred creative solution until it meets both the client’s and our expectations.

Presentation & Launch

Bringing all elements of the concept and experience to life through a multi-disciplinary design journey. 
After the sign off on the creative work, we focus on the implementation and launch of the project.

We produce brand assets, packaging, digital development and tangible communication material. In short; make sure your brand is ready to be revealed to the world on a grand scale.

Departure & Development

Here is where we part ways. Our doors will always remain open for you. As brands grow and needs shift there maybe a need to adjust.

Which means there is always room for further development and improvement. We’re always there for the long run, always designing for scale.

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